DIY Remote Light Stand…

Hi Boys and Girls!

I have come up with what I think is a workable solution to a common problem.

Problem: 4 out of 5 Vagabond users hate moving their equipment, stand and lights once set-up because of the weight factor.

My solution: Re-purpose a Jogging stroller into a movable light stand.

Results: Should enable a heavy, cumbersome, lighting system to become very portable and movable.

Bonus Result: The system becomes very stable in windy conditions as the weight of the gear makes the system quite solid.

So far, I have three issues with this plan.
A.) The wheels are almost too soft for the weight, Perhaps I should hard foam them?

B.) The mechanism where the handle folds down is again almost too flimsy for the weight, it has a lot of spring to it, and may have to be hardened somehow, or made to be non bendable?

C.)The front wheel would be way better if it were mounted on aswivel, instead of the current rigid fork like mounting.

As yet not field tested, but I will do that this weekend for sure.

But just remember, I think I am the first to dream up this idea / nonsense, LOL!!!

So anyway here are some images to ponder….