Marathon Motor Works photo shoot…

On Aug 15th, Sandy and I attended a photo group shoot with a bunch of new friends and photographers at the Marathon Motor Works in Nashville. While I was busy running around setting up my toys and shooting wonderful models, Sandy was busy shooting some video of the event. She has managed to capture a lot of the activity and the chaos. Now, PLEASE bear in mind, this was the first time she has EVER shot video. I think she did a really great job, considering.

I had to make the clips each about 3 minutes long, because in High Definition, they are really big!

So, after you hit the play button, you might want to pause the clip so that your connection can download the video to your computer before you watch it. Even with a huge bunch of bandwidth, the video may halt while the download catches up.

PLEASE enjoy the videos!!!

Here are the video’s four parts…

Part 1 Here is the Part 1 URL link.

Part2 Here is the Part 2 URL link.

Part3 Here is the Part 3 URL link.

Part4 Here is the Part 4 URL link.