Back Yard Birds.

Sandy went to “Birds Unlimited”; and purchased a new Finch Bird Feeder.

It was kinda pricey, but considering that it has a lifetime warranty and totally
replaceable parts, it really is a good deal.

So we filled it up, hung it on a Shepard’s hook, and they just show up.

They act like they are starving, but they seem to be very fluffy or well feed,
if ya know what I mean!

They are very skittish and fly off at the sound of Wilbur shuffling out to
the patio to see what is going on. Also, they fly away before I can get the
camera raised up to even find them.

So I am beginning to think any shots we get will very rare indeed.

I am patiently trying to get a family shot of the guy and and his girl,
and maybe one with a couple of guys.

The Boys are very bright yellow and the girls have some yellow, but not as much as the boys.

We are seeing the plain brown ones, and several times we have seen a few red ones as well.

Anyway, here they are for you check out: