DIY SOAP (Speedlight on a Pole)

I had an idea to see if I could salvage an old broken Alien Bee studio strobe and use it to mount a speedlight on a a pole, or stand.

I was able to save the face plate that is normally used to attach reflectors and modifiers to the Alien Bee, as well as the stand mount system.

After removing the face plate, I then had to figure out how to attach it to something that would hold the plate, a speedlight and also have a way to mount the whole thing on a light stand or pole.

What I came up with was to bend a couple of steel straps and mount the speedlight and the stand mount on the bottom, with the face plate on the uprights.

Using a PCB “Hot Shoe Adapter” which enabled me to have cordless fire control from the camera. The receiver is mounted on the uprights using Velcro strips..

I think the project turned out pretty good, and I think it will perform well.

Here it is in action.
Here it is in action.