Panic Day, Kitchen remodel…

True story time for you…

As you may know, I am getting all new kitchen appliances for my sweetie of 38 years, as a combo, her birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s day, and my birthday gift package.

So there I was, flat on the floor, doing the old disconnect on the old dishwasher, and I take the nut off of the water supply line, when it becomes clear, I did not use the shutoff valve. I try to reinsert the tube into the valve body, but it had began spewing out large amounts of water. So, in my ever abundant moments of brightness, I figure I will just put my thumb on the end of it to hold it until we can shut off the water. Well not only does that not work, but it suddenly becomes VERY HOT and full panic mode sets in!!!!!

So I yell at Troy to get me the wrench that he had just given me, and he says he has put it back in the toolbox back in the garage… In a very panicked voice, I let him know that I need it now!!! I tell him we have to shut the water off outside… Where he says, Out front, I say! He says he will go get the wrench and meet me in the front yard.

Meantime, the water is still spewing all over the kitchen floor!!!!

We finally get the water shutoff, but by now we are really frazzled, and water is everywhere!
I am still panicked, Troy is trying to calm Jace down.

It occurs to me that we have a LOTT of bath towels, and we go get them and throw them down into the water puddle that is now our kitchen floor.

Then I realize the range connection is on the floor and I zoom out to the circuit breaker panel and throw the main breaker until we can get the water mopped up.

Now we have no water flowing, and no electrical. NICE!!!!
Of course, it’s all better now, and we had a good laugh about how grown men can all of a sudden turn into screaming little girls… Go Figure!!!!

Anyway, just thought I would share this brief moment of kitchen upgrade hell with you all.

The moral of the story is: look under the sink for the shutoff valve. You see, I had simply forgot to use the provided water shutoff valve under the sink, that was put there for just such a home improvement.

Oh, and Don’t tell Sandy the full story, she thinks we know what we are doing!!! LOL!!!