My Apple Box Project…

DIY Apple Boxes

So for the last six months, I have been trying to get one of my DIY Projects finished. The only reason it has taken so ding dang long is that,
1.) I am not a woodworker or carpenter,
2.) I am getting uber lazy in my older years,
3.) I simply prefer to procrastinate more then actually working.

I have craved a set of these for many years now, and last year, I decided I was going to have a set for my studio. I could buy new from several places, but shipping is horrendous. And maybe I could use the project as an excuse to get some new and different tools. Right? Sure why not?

So after a couple of trips with my grandson to the lumber yard, and the tools store, I was on my way. Well that was about six months ago. LOL!

UPDATE: Yesterday, I decided that the boxes were going to get done, PERIOD. (Actually, I noticed that there may have been some warpage going on, so it was either finish them or lose them!)

The photos above show the project in various stages of construction, and I will still need to edge them, sand and finish them, but you get the idea.

My inspiration for the project comes from Sue Bryce, photographer, and Nick Ferry, woodworking guru! Thx Guys!!!