My Apple Box Project…

DIY Apple Boxes

So for the last six months, I have been trying to get one of my DIY Projects finished. The only reason it has taken so ding dang long is that,
1.) I am not a woodworker or carpenter,
2.) I am getting uber lazy in my older years,
3.) I simply prefer to procrastinate more then actually working.

I have craved a set of these for many years now, and last year, I decided I was going to have a set for my studio. I could buy new from several places, but shipping is horrendous. And maybe I could use the project as an excuse to get some new and different tools. Right? Sure why not?

So after a couple of trips with my grandson to the lumber yard, and the tools store, I was on my way. Well that was about six months ago. LOL!

UPDATE: Yesterday, I decided that the boxes were going to get done, PERIOD. (Actually, I noticed that there may have been some warpage going on, so it was either finish them or lose them!)

The photos above show the project in various stages of construction, and I will still need to edge them, sand and finish them, but you get the idea.

My inspiration for the project comes from Sue Bryce, photographer, and Nick Ferry, woodworking guru! Thx Guys!!!


Freshly updated…

So, I have finally gotten around to updating my website and this blog.

The main website uses photo galleries from here, so that I can somewhat protect my images, and I can better able to offer my mobile user guest’s a fast responsive mobile website.

Let me know what you think by using either my social badges to the right, or at the bottom , or by using my website’s “Contact” form.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the fun I have been having lately!

Bridal Flash Party at ECCO Salon

I recently attended a flash party hosted by a close friend, Ermie Passwaters, at the ECCO Salon in Franklin, Tn.

Such fun!!!

Here is a little Photo gallery from the event:

ECCO Bridal Party

Daniel Smith Days

Last weekend, Sandy and I went to the annual Daniel Smith Days, held at Rock Castle, in Hendersonville, TN.

These are a few of the images I liked from our visit.

Panic Day, Kitchen remodel…

True story time for you…

As you may know, I am getting all new kitchen appliances for my sweetie of 38 years, as a combo, her birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s day, and my birthday gift package.

So there I was, flat on the floor, doing the old disconnect on the old dishwasher, and I take the nut off of the water supply line, when it becomes clear, I did not use the shutoff valve. I try to reinsert the tube into the valve body, but it had began spewing out large amounts of water. So, in my ever abundant moments of brightness, I figure I will just put my thumb on the end of it to hold it until we can shut off the water. Well not only does that not work, but it suddenly becomes VERY HOT and full panic mode sets in!!!!!

So I yell at Troy to get me the wrench that he had just given me, and he says he has put it back in the toolbox back in the garage… In a very panicked voice, I let him know that I need it now!!! I tell him we have to shut the water off outside… Where he says, Out front, I say! He says he will go get the wrench and meet me in the front yard.

Meantime, the water is still spewing all over the kitchen floor!!!!

We finally get the water shutoff, but by now we are really frazzled, and water is everywhere!
I am still panicked, Troy is trying to calm Jace down.

It occurs to me that we have a LOTT of bath towels, and we go get them and throw them down into the water puddle that is now our kitchen floor.

Then I realize the range connection is on the floor and I zoom out to the circuit breaker panel and throw the main breaker until we can get the water mopped up.

Now we have no water flowing, and no electrical. NICE!!!!
Of course, it’s all better now, and we had a good laugh about how grown men can all of a sudden turn into screaming little girls… Go Figure!!!!

Anyway, just thought I would share this brief moment of kitchen upgrade hell with you all.

The moral of the story is: look under the sink for the shutoff valve. You see, I had simply forgot to use the provided water shutoff valve under the sink, that was put there for just such a home improvement.

Oh, and Don’t tell Sandy the full story, she thinks we know what we are doing!!! LOL!!!

Our latest distractions…

Our latest distractions…

Lately, Sandy and I have been distracted from photography because we have been playing with our new toys.

We brought these in from California, and really luv the way they feel when riding them. They have very wide handlebars, wide comfy seats, 7 speeds for cruising comfort.

We have since added water bottle holders, a rear rack for mine, and we may be adding a front basket to Sandy’s so that we can haul Wilbur with us when we go riding. The last time I went out, he was acting like he EXPECTED me to pick him up and take him with me. No kidding! And he looked disappointed, when I got back and closed the garage door!

We have also found a carrier so that we can take the bikes on a road trip somewhere soon!

OK, back to Photography, LOL!!!!!

Check out other images from this session in my FlickR photo sets here…

About the phones, and other updates…

I can’t believe it has been another month already! Where does the time go?

I will get to the phones in a minute, but first, I want to share with you all a very interesting thing that happened to me on Saturday. Sandy and I joined up with some fellow photographers to shoot a local car show. I had my usual ton of gear and I took the first image and thought nothing of it.

So, when I went to take the next image a few minutes later, my “Auto focus” on my camera was not working.
I thought to myself, HMMM, what’s up with that? See, I have not taken any pictures since early March, and I was going nuts trying to figure out why it was not working. I struggled for a couple of hours, and finally gave up, and put the gear back in the car, and hung around while Sandy and one her friends went shopping at the Street fair booth’s.

On Sunday, I resolved that I was going to get to the bottom of the crisis, and figure it out or I would send my camera off to Bernie, my repair guy in Kansas, who has repaired my gear for the last 20 years or so.

Well, it turned out that it my own silly mistake after all. When I had my FX or Full Frame camera, a Nikon D700, I had set a button on the back of the camera to only allow auto focus when pressed. A lot of folks will set up this way so that you can “Grab” focus on the subject’s eye, and then recompose without having an adverse focus shift. So, that was my work flow habit carrying over to my present camera.

I simply forgot that I had set that, and of course the auto focus would not budge until the back button was pressed. Makes sense, I had asked it to that, right? Well, now I feel like a complete idiot….


So about the phones? Yeah here is the deal. We have had AT&T as a mobile provider for as long as we have been here in Tennessee. When we moved out here back in 1999, with a job change, my new employer paid for my cell phone. Basically we have stuck with them ever since. Why? I don’t know, we just did.

Well, I had been apologizing to everyone that asked, that we were unable to do text messaging. To us, that was not such a big deal, but I could see it becoming a very useful process. In addition, our little Samsung phones could not handle contacts very well. ( See, I have over 1200! ) And several times I needed a number from Sandy’s phone, and she may have needed one from mine. Not too pretty…

Now, on my PC at home, I maintain a huge contact file in my MS Office, but I can’t use the phone numbers.
So, it was beginning to be a big mess. Also, the little Samsung’s had no web abilities, so we could not surf, or anything. Just call someone after we looked up their number somewhere else. Pretty lame right?

I had been hearing about Straight Talk from Walmart, but did not think it would work for us, because, I did not think we could use iPhone’s on that plan. Well it turns out that you can.

After a prolonged plea on FaceBook for someone to sell us their old iPhones, and a wonderful cell phone shop in Murfreesboro, we now have iPhones on Straight Talk with unlimited everything for about what we were paying AT&T.

Pretty Sweet. And we can now use the “Cloud” for a common contact source. And just last weekend, Sandy is using InstaGram to upload her cute images of our adventures with our grandson, Jace. Of course our remote families enjoy this, and it is after all quite fun and easy.

If you have a contract with a carrier, you may have to wait until you can update or renew, but, I would encourage you to give Straight Talk a try when you can. Fast, friendly and makes life a whole lot sweeter!

Next time, I will fill you all in another fun project, Boxee Box!  Catch ya later!!!